Please Read Before Viewing Images or Ordering Prints 


Creating an Account, Logging In, and your Privacy

You must sign in in order to view images on our website. In order to place an order, you must create an account.

Any information provided to us WILL NOT be shared with another person or entity for any reason. You WILL NOT be bombarded with spam, but we may occasionally use your contact information to email you a special offer about discounts or other news.

Image Ratio and Cropping

The majority of images displayed in the Event Photo galleries are in a 2:3 aspect ratio which is the native image ratio from our cameras. This will create an image of 4"x6", 8"x12" 16"x24" and so on. You can order any size photo you would like but be aware that an image in the existing 2:3 ratio may not crop exactly the way you want it to into a 4:5 ratio for an 8"x10" print. In most cases, this is not a problem. In a few images, the standard ratio may prevent us to crop the image to fit the new ratio without affecting the crop as you see it in the gallery.

We will always provide you with the size print you requested, but in the rare instance that the cropping affects the image that it would affect the overall idea of the photo (cropping too tight in one direction or another), we will contact you before printing.

Watermarks & Logo

All images in our galleries on our website include our watermark that shows our company logo and copyright. These will be removed before printing images you purchase as prints.

Any images shared to Social Media from the galleries MUST retain the watermark.

Sharing to Social Media

You may share images from our galleries to Social Media. You MAY NOT attempt to remove the watermark or edit the image in any way. This includes the popular Social Media phone app filters.

Printing images off the website

You MAY NOT use any images from our website to download and print from. These are low-resolution files and will not print properly. Images on the website are meant for viewing in order to purchase, not to print from.