Use the code 10%_EarlyOrder when you are checking out.
The code is good until September 24th


Please follow this link to order your Memory Mate products.

Memory Mate Items

Click on the image of the banners, it opens a page with your ordering section on the right. Follow the information on your paper order form as to the descriptions of the products. You can add any products listed to your shopping cart. Once the item is in your shopping cart, you may also view a preview of a similar item from a previous year and/or activity by clicking on the item's name.

Please note that the reason that you don’t see each cheerleader's individual photos is that it is quite a process to go through and design the items using each of the cheerleader's photos, especially if an order is not placed for them. There are too many items and options to do that.

The photos I took for the memory mates will be incorporated and custom designed around the particular items you order. Some photos fit better in one design than in what works for another person. Once an order is placed I design the layout around the item that is ordered. Some girls had more photos taken than other others depending on what they wanted to do. I will use the best photos for the item being purchased.

The ordering process is the same as ordering it online as it would be if you ordered them by paper order form.

I'm sorry for any inconvenience this run-around to the ordering page. I am
building my new website and some things are just not working the way I hoped.

Thank you!