The Process

Pre-Session Consultation for Senior or Individual Portraits

It is our standard policy to have a Pre-Session Consultation with all our High School Senior or individual Portrait Session clients. We know this not always easy with everyone’s busy schedules but we have found that it serves both you as the client and our studio best if we can discuss all the options available to you and answer all your questions ahead of time.

We will:

  1. Go over the Pre-Session Questionnaire ( ) you have submitted; learn your likes and dislikes, your preferences for photographic styles and locations, and what you are trying to achieve by your session.
  2. Discuss our Session/Print Package options available to you, show samples of the many options available to you for print and specialty items.
  3. Sign the Photo Release/Contract. A deposit is required at this time.

Photo Release and Contract

  • All Clients must sign a Photo Release/Contract and deposit paid before we can schedule your session. If the model is under 18 then a parent, legal guardian, or legal age sibling MUST sign the photo release for the model and be present at the sessions.
  • All models over the age of 18 may sign the Release/Contract themselves but we still require the Contract to be signed by the person responsible for all payments for our products and services.
  • Due to important details regarding copyright that the model needs to also be aware of and agree to, we ask that if they are High School Students they also sign the Contract.
  • For Groups, the person scheduling the session may sign the contract and release for all subjects, but all subjects must read and agree to the terms of the contract.


Senior Sessions

Senior Session/Print Package information

Scheduling of Session times, locations, and any official correspondence are all done by email or text message rather than over the phone so that both parties have the plans in writing to refer to. It is important that you check your messages leading up to your session, and please reply promptly. Outdoor sessions are light and weather dependent and can sometimes shift as needed to get the best light and locations.

We request that no “behind the scenes” photos be taken during our Session without our knowledge. This includes cell phone shots or selfies. Many times during the session things are quite hectic in the studio with props being moved around, backdrops being shuffled and it does not always give a flattering appearance of the studio.

Please make all attempts to leave children who are not part of the photo session with a family member or other person you trust. We have found that many times another child often causes distractions for the one being photographed. Also, we have a lot of expensive props and equipment in the studio that we need to be careful of.

Family & Group Sessions

Session/Print Package information

A lot of creativity and planning goes into preparing for your session; the location, equipment needed, time, prep, additional help, and the amount of editing is very different for a portrait session than a family session. If you have a particular place in mind for your group session, please let us know as soon as possible, we normally like to check the site out before the actual session.

Depending on the number of subjects to be photographed, a "Large Group" fee may be required. Any last-minute subjects to be included in the session may incur an additional fee.

For families and groups the number of people to be photographed and their ages of all children, and any sub-groups must be discussed and agreed upon before you are put on the calendar and pay the Session Fee ahead of the scheduled session to determine the best options to create the best possible portrait for you.

All Sessions


Your outdoor session is dependent on weather conditions including rain or heavy snow, excessively high wind, or intense cold. In case of inclement weather, your session will be rescheduled A.S.A.P. Normally we do not reschedule your session for humidity, strong breezes, or light snow.

Photo Reveal and Ordering Session for Portraits

Once your images are edited and ready to view, they will be uploaded to a secure section of our website here Only you will have access to these galleries by a link and password which will be sent to you. You may share this link and password with whomever you choose.

After you have a chance to preview the images we will set up an appointment to come in and place your order so we can answer all questions and show you what products you’ll be getting. Please come prepared with any measurements for your portrait needs. You are always welcome to add additional prints and products at a future date, but your initial order must be placed at the end of your viewing session. The balance from your original Session/Print Package choice will be due at this time.

At the Viewing and Ordering Session, you will be able to view all your images on a large screen in a casual setting in our studio. Please let us know how many people to expect for your viewing session and arrange childcare for young children, please try to limit the number of those attending to four. We have limited seating and we want to make sure everyone is comfortable. We normally will provide some snacks and non-alcoholic drinks.

Absolutely no smoking on Ambient Light Studios property, in or around our studio and grounds.

It is illegal to copy, scan, print, reproduce, edit, sell, screen capture, alter, or otherwise manipulate images including the use of phone apps to edit any images created by Ambient Light Studios and Ambient Light Studios retains all copyrights. To maintain consistent quality, all of our work is printed solely by Ambient Light Studios and Photo Labs that we contract with.

All Images Copyright © 2010-2020 Ambient Light Studios & Robert Noyes Photography. Please review our Copyright and Usage guidelines at